When You Need More Than Just Emotional Support

Having supportive friends and family and a supportive lawyer are great when going through a divorce. But in the reality of today, we understand that sometimes you need financial support, too. Especially after your life changes, as it does after a divorce.

We can help you secure the spousal and/or child support you need to build your next chapter. Our Cincinnati attorneys are here to help make this accessible and as simple as possible.

Determining Child And Spousal Support

There are several factors that go into determining how much spousal support, or alimony and child support you can receive after a divorce. Here are some of the things that are considered in each:

  • Child support: The amount of each parent’s financial obligation to their kids is often determined based on combined annual gross income and the number of minor children in the family.
  • Spousal support: There are many factors considered when determining alimony such as:
    • Income of both parties
    • Earning potential of both parties
    • Age as well as the physical and mental state of both parties
    • Duration of the marriage
    • Level of education of both parties

But these are just a few potential considerations the court could make. Any other factor that is deemed relevant by the court can also be included in consideration.

Both spousal and child support can be essential in maintaining a level of health and happiness for you and your children after a divorce. But getting a reasonable settlement can be challenging. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping families figure this out.

Our primary goal is to help. And we know we can do that by ensuring you get the financial support you need after your divorce.

Learn More About Your Options

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