We Understand Appellate Practice In Family Law

Most things are worth taking a second look at. And this is especially true when it comes to matters involving your family. In Cincinnati and all over, courts can make mistakes and unfair rulings happen all too often. But that’s where we can step in.

Our team of family law attorneys can not only help you in court, mediation or collaboration, we can also help you in appellate matters. With our experience, we can help you determine whether or not an appeal is a good idea, and we can help you through the appeals process.

When Should We Appeal?

Family law matters are so personal. It’s extremely important to get them right. And sometimes that means appealing the court’s decision. But sometimes it may not be the right thing to do either. Figuring out which is tricky. On top of that, it’s often difficult to appeal a family law decision. The appeals process has strict requirements and the decisions of the court can be difficult to overturn.

You can rely on our judgement when it comes to appeals. Our family law attorneys are always committed to you and your best interests. That, combined with our wealth of experience means that we know how to make the right decisions for you.

What Is The Process Like?

The appeals process can be quite lengthy and complicated. So, the role of your attorney is extremely important. There are filing fees and strict procedural requirements, including the initiation of an appeal with lots of paperwork and many steps to take.

The process starts with a filing fee and then proceeds to proper filing and serving. Once we finally reach the court process, the oral arguments of your attorney are crucial. Due to this, having the right lawyer on your side for the appeals process is extremely important.

At Stagnaro Hannigan Koop, our team has the experience needed to find success in appellate court. It’s no easy task, but we truly want what’s best for our clients. And if that means appealing a decision, we’re ready for it.

Attorney Michaela Stagnaro has been arguing appellate cases since approximately 1998. She began with criminal cases but started with family law appeals in 2009, which she has been working on exclusively for the last three years. This work encompasses appeals from initial divorce cases, post-decree support and custody matters, as well as juvenile custody matters and adoptions. She successfully made new case law in the adoption area through a Supreme Court of Ohio case.

Find Out More

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