Our Experienced Mediators Can Help You Find Solutions

When it comes to divorce, many people want to avoid a fight, while still getting what they need. In these cases, a mediator can help people achieve their goals, while keeping things civil. This type of alternative dispute resolution is quite popular and effective for couples who want to end their marriage with less time and stress.

At Stagnaro Hannigan Koop, in Cincinnati, we have experienced mediators on our staff who are here to help you figure things out efficiently and effectively.

What Is Mediation?

This method of divorce proceeding hinges around the role of the mediator. This person is a neutral third party, trained in dispute resolution. A skilled mediator will help facilitate the negotiations involved in the divorce process. The mediator helps resolve issues by supervising the exchange of information and the negotiation proceedings. Mediators can help parties find common ground and creative solutions.

This type of dispute resolution works well when parties are unable to resolve certain issues during their divorce but unwilling to go to court to settle them.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many different advantages people can gain when deciding to mediate their divorce. First and foremost, it is often a more peaceful way to resolve a divorce. It is voluntary and gives people a chance to solve their problems without stepping into court.

However, unlike in a collaborative divorce, mediation still allows for more compromise and a neutral third party who can help guide decisions and offer advice and solutions.

Mediation is often much less expensive than a traditional litigated divorce, and it is less time-consuming than a court battle. Many people see these benefits and opt for mediation when they want their divorce handled professionally, but civilly.

Take The Next Step

Mediation could be the right solution for you during your divorce. Talk to one of our experienced mediators to find out more. You can call us at 513-813-0627 or use our online form to get in touch and set up an appointment.