Why many successful professionals opt for Ohio divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2023 | Mediation

People divorcing in Ohio have many different options for how they can handle the process. Some couples have a relatively simple divorce process ahead of them because they already negotiated a marital agreement. Others may have multiple issues preventing them from reaching a settlement and may worry that their family will end up embroiled in divorce litigation.

Many adults preparing for divorce in Ohio would prefer uncontested divorces or marital dissolution instead of litigated divorces. Mediation is a tool that many couples choose to utilize to resolve disagreements and move forward with an amicable divorce. Successful professionals are among those most likely to benefit from divorce mediation. The following are some of the reasons that professionals and business owners might choose to mediate a divorce.

They want to avoid total uncertainty

Giving someone else control over the future is not something that the average successful adult likes to do. That is, however, exactly what occurs during litigated divorces. The spouses rely on a judge to hear about their situation and appropriately apply Ohio state law to their circumstances. There is very little predictability, as a judge’s interpretation of the law and the couple’s circumstances will ultimately determine how they divide their property or split parental rights. Those who mediate divorce issues and reach an agreement avoid the uncertainty that comes with divorce litigation.

They want a quick and private divorce

Litigating family law matters will mean presenting evidence and possibly testifying in family court about the circumstances of a marriage. The information submitted to the courts by either spouse will usually become part of the public record, which means that other people could review details about marital misconduct and other issues. Professionals who want to keep the best possible reputation in the local community will often seek to keep their private matters out of family court whenever possible. What they discussed in mediation will remain confidential, thereby helping preserve their privacy.

Successful mediation that results in a signed agreement between the spouses will also speed up the process of divorcing, as the spouses won’t have to wait for an opportunity to present evidence in court and have a judge review everything in detail. They will also have control over scheduling, which is not the case when waiting for time in family court.

Exploring different solutions to the Ohio divorce process can help people choose the best option given their current personal and professional circumstances. Seeking legal guidance can help to provide this clarity.