Rewrite Your Legacy With Estate Planning

Following a significant change in your family relationships, a critical step on your checklist is thoroughly reviewing your estate plan. For example, an estate plan crafted during a marriage may include no longer suitable or desired provisions after a separation.

Our lawyers at Stagnaro Hannigan Koop Co, LPA, recognize that estate planning is an ongoing process. As an Ohio legal team adept in various legal solutions tailored to your situation, our primary goal is to guide you through the transition of redefining your family here in the greater Cincinnati area.

Why Updating Your Estate Plan After A Divorce Or Remarriage Is Key

Working with our attorneys in updating your estate plan can help you to:

  • Update beneficiary designations
  • Review and update guardianship plans
  • Protect the inheritance of a child from a former marriage
  • Update plans for retirement and long-term care

Both divorces and second marriages require legal and financial resets, and it is critical not to overlook the necessary changes that should be made.

Estate Planning For New Parents

It is time to consider your estate plan in light of your new parental responsibilities. Here are some major steps new parents can take through estate planning:

  • Appoint guardians for your child, name an executor and designate beneficiaries
  • Establish a testamentary trust to manage inherited assets for your child’s benefit
  • Explore tax-efficient ways to transfer wealth to your child, like educational savings accounts
  • If desired, include provisions for donations to your chosen charities
  • If your child has special needs, create a dedicated trust to ensure long-term care and financial security

Our dedicated attorneys can also regularly help you revisit and update your documents to reflect life changes.

How Can We Best Support Your Family?

At Stagnaro Hannigan Koop, we aim to be the support you need. We invite you to call us at 513-813-0627 or fill out our online contact form. Our supportive lawyers will explain how we can offer experienced and creative solutions.