How can you make traveling with the kids easier after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Child Custody

If you enjoy taking the kids away, there is no reason that divorce should stop that. It will make it more of a challenge though and not just financially.

The best way to make traveling easier is to think about it now when creating your custody agreement.

Here are some things to consider detailing:

Where can you travel?

If you have family in another country, you might want to take the kids to see them and learn more about the culture that is part of them. Your spouse might fear you won’t return and be reluctant to give permission

As you won’t get out of the country without their permission (or that of a court) it is worth discussing.

When can you travel?

The best travel deals won’t always coincide with your turn to have the kids. Sometimes you may want to travel during the time they would normally spend with your co-parent. The same might apply when they look for dates. Agreeing to give each other a bit of flexibility can pave the way for future travel.

How will you keep in touch with the kids?

Usual routines can go out of the window when you travel. It can leave the other parent feeling upset if their child does not pick up the phone at 8 am like they usually do. It can leave you feeling annoyed if they ring during a day hike you’ve taken to get the kids to get more in tune with nature.

Think about how you will still maintain contact between children and parent without disrupting precious vacation time.

Creating a child custody agreement that accounts for everything is not straightforward, but getting legal assistance increases the chance you do.