Why should parents be prepared to compromise in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Divorce And Dissolution

If you are about to divorce you probably have a list in your mind of outcomes you hope to achieve. For example, you may want to have the children every Thanksgiving and Christmas so they can celebrate with your family. Or you may want to move with the kids to another state to be closer to your best friend.

Your spouse will have their own list and the two may be incompatible. Hence you need to either fight to get your own way or try and find a happy compromise. Here is why it is usually best to seek a compromise:

It is better for your kids

Parental arguments and conflict can make things uncomfortable for children, especially if the arguments turn personal, which can so easily happen. Your child might feel stuck in the middle. While the odd argument is normal, continued parental conflict can cause children emotional distress and affect their self-esteem, happiness, school work and prospects. 

It makes it easier to co-parent

You will still need to deal with the person you are divorcing for years to come when you share children. Giving a little ground in the name of harmony can make this much simpler. If you give a little ground then, hopefully, they will too. If you do something for them, such as allowing them to have the kids for an extra day for a vacation, then hopefully they will return the favor.

It is better for you

Arguing and holding grudges can soon get draining. Taking a more peaceful and cooperative route should create a more harmonious atmosphere, freeing up more of your mental energy to use on other things. Getting legal help to find and document a middle path is often wise.