Which is better in Ohio: Dissolution or divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Divorce And Dissolution

Are you ready to end your marriage, but don’t know how to proceed? In Ohio, there are two basic options: dissolution or divorce.

While both will ultimately get the job done, the two processes are distinct.

What’s a dissolution?

“Dissolution” is Ohio’s term for an uncontested, “no-fault” divorce. This requires both parties to be in agreement on all of the details of their split, including how to separate the marital property and allocate their rights and responsibilities for any children.

While this process requires a certain measure of cooperation between you and your spouse, it can ultimately allow for a more satisfactory result, since the court’s role in the process is largely administrative. As long as your agreement meets all the legal requirements and you are both fully informed about your rights, the court will generally approve it. That tends to make for a faster (and cheaper) end to the marriage with less frustration for everybody involved.

What’s a divorce?

A divorce, out of necessity, has more court involvement. You may have to go with this route if your spouse doesn’t want to agree to the divorce in the first place or you cannot agree on some of the terms – such as who keeps the house or how parenting time will be divided.

Generally speaking, this means litigating your divorce and letting a judge ultimately decide how certain issues will be handled. While this can be more time-consuming and expensive, it can also provide you with certain protections. If your spouse is abusive or you think they’re hiding assets, the court can help you assert your rights and make sure that you’re treated fairly.

If you’re headed for a divorce, learning more about your legal options and finding legal support can make the entire procedure a lot easier to handle.