3 benefits of seeking marital dissolution instead of divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Divorce And Dissolution

An Ohio divorce does not need to become a process fraught with conflict. Spouses have the option of working together to keep things as amicable as possible. Some couples may eventually agree on all of the details of their divorce, allowing them to pursue dissolution proceedings instead of a traditional divorce.

Marital dissolution is an uncontested divorce. Although it may take a bit of effort from the spouses to reach a point where dissolution is an option, investing that time and energy into compromising can be a worthwhile endeavor. Both spouses could benefit from employing a cooperative approach to the divorce process instead of litigating. The following are some of the benefits that people can potentially derive from marital dissolution as opposed to divorce.

Control over the outcome

In an uncontested divorce, spouses set their own terms for property division and any other issues such as custody arrangements for shared children. Instead of waiting to hear what a judge thinks is best for the family, the spouses control the outcome by setting the terms themselves. During litigated Ohio divorces, spouses often struggle to predict what a judge might determine is appropriate for property division or in the best interests of their children for custody matters.

Improved privacy

Litigated divorces can often become messy affairs with both spouses exposing details about the marriage in an effort to influence how the judge handles their case. Spouses who negotiate in private or attend mediation can work through their disagreements without making the source of their conflict public knowledge. Only the terms that they set for the divorce are part of the court record.

A faster divorce timeline

Litigated divorce can take months to complete. Dissolutions are significantly faster because they require less time in court. Minimizing the time spent in court helps to reduce the total cost of the divorce in many cases.

Spouses may also have an easier time working with one another as co-parents in the future when they have an opportunity to practice healthy communication and compromise while negotiating the terms for a dissolution.

Individuals who understand why dissolution is beneficial when compared with litigated divorce may have more motivation to work with their spouses and resolve as many of their disputes outside of court as possible.